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and we're almost to the food carts when Freak tugs on my hair. . be Freak the Mighty, slaying dragons artd fools . "Go on," he says, making me take the book. this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported even before we became Freak the Mighty, slay- ing dragons. Freak the Mighty Strikes Again look because . can't always judge a book by the cover. It turns out to . means to be Freak the Mighty unless you are. Freak the.

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Freak The Mighty Book Pdf

recommended.” Carousel. Freak the Mighty 08/12/ Page i A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Freak the Mighty Book PDF. by kirshner on December 14, To study for the test, please review your questions and answers in The test is. Freak the Mighty chapter links Centricity/Domain//Freak%20the%20Might%20Chapters%pdf.

Published in , it was followed by the novel Max the Mighty in The primary characters are friends Maxwell Kane, a large, very slow, but kind-hearted boy, and Kevin Avery, nicknamed "Freak", who is physically handicapped but very intelligent. Kevin is diagnosed with Morquio syndrome. The novel was adapted for the screen under the title The Mighty by Charles Leavitt ; the film was shot in Toronto, Ontario , Canada and Cincinnati, Ohio , and directed by Peter Chelsom , and released in He lives with his grandfather, Grim, and grandmother, Gram. Max thinks of himself as a butthead. People are afraid of him because he looks like his father, Kenneth "Killer" Kane, a convicted murderer. Max sets the stage for the story by reminiscing about his time in daycare, when he had met a boy named Kevin, or Freak, as their classmates called him.

Killer Kane ends up being paroled, and he kidnaps Max on Christmas Eve. Luckily, Freak works with the cops to find Max and rescue him.

After he's safe and sound, things settle down a bit, and Max even starts doing better in school. But don't get too excited. When summer comes around, it's time for Freak's birthday.

He gets a computer from his mom with some fancy newfangled invention called a modem that lets him dial up to the school computer.

Yep, this is what the Internet used to sound like. What's with all the new technology? It's so Freak can go to school from home. Max doesn't understand why Freak wouldn't be able to go to school; and when he asks, everyone gets really quiet. Before Max can get any answers, Freak has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Freak gives Max a blank book and tells him to fill it with their adventures.

Freak the Mighty Chapters 13-18.pdf - American Chop Suey 13...

He explains that he is getting his new robotic body and he won't have time to write their adventures; he'll be too busy learning how to walk with long legs.

Max agrees, but he's hesitant. After all, he's not the smart one—Freak is. The next day, Max goes to visit the hospital, but learns that Freak died during the night. Max goes nuts, kicking people and punching glass windows. Finally, after he is subdued by security, Freak's doctor explains that there never was a secret operation. Freak made it up to have something to hope for. Max spends the next year alone and majorly depressed.

Then one day, he takes out the blank book Freak gave him, and he starts writing. He writes for a long time.

Freak the Mighty PDF Summary

And when he's finished, he has written a book called Freak the Mighty. On Christmas Eve, Max is woken up by his father, Killer Kane, who has come to take him to train him to be his assistant. After Max is kidnapped by his father, the two walk to Iggy Lee's apartment in the Testaments.

Killer Kane is even bigger than Max and acts in a very threatening, intimidating manner towards everyone, including his son, whom he keeps tied up on a small chair. Killer Kane swears that he did not murder Max's mother and calls himself "a man of God".

On Christmas morning he leaves Max alone, tied up in a room in an old abandoned apartment.

Loretta, shocked that Kane would do something like that to his own child, tries to help him escape. Killer Kane catches her and starts to strangle her. He begins but is interrupted by Max. Max tries to get up and rips off the rope to which the old boiler has been attached.

Max attempts to stop him and reveals that he witnessed his father kill his mother in the same fashion. Kane lets go of Loretta, letting her lie on the ground breathing like a "broken bird" and gives up on training Max to be his obedient assistant so he tries to murder him by strangling him, like he did to Max's mother, but Freak arrives just in time and saves Max by squirting Kane with a squirt gun in the eye which he claims is filled with sulfuric acid when in fact, as Freak reveals later, it is filled with soap , vinegar , and curry powder.

The police are waiting outside, and Killer Kane is taken back to prison and has to serve his original sentence plus ten years.

Killer Kane pleads guilty. After having a seizure on his birthday, Freak is admitted into the hospital, where he gives Max a blank book, telling him to write the story of Freak the Mighty in it. Max returns to the hospital the next day to find that Freak died because his heart became too big for his body.

Spivak, Kevin's doctor, reveals that Freak knew he was going to have a very short life, but he told Max he was going to get a bionic body because it would give Max hope. The Fair Gwen moves away, with a new man she is in love with, and Max misses Freak's funeral, staying in his room, the "down under" for months. Not even Grim or Gram can get him out, until Grim orders Max to return to school.

One day, Max sees Loretta, who tells him "Doing nothing's a drag, kid", so Max writes all of the adventures he and Freak had, in honor of his best friend.

Freak the Mighty PDF Summary - Rodman Philbrick | 12min Blog

Characters[ edit ] Maxwell "Max" Kane is the main character and narrator of the story. He is described to be very big and have a striking resemblance to his father, Kenneth Killer Kane. In day care, Max earned the nickname "Kicker" because he had a thing of booting and kicking anyone who dared to touch him, when he was a child. Max lives with his grandparents, Grim and Gram, and usually stays in "The Down Under", a small room in the basement.

Freak the Mighty PDF Summary

He hates his father, whom he witnessed killing his mother, Annie. He becomes best friends with Freak, who customarily rides on his shoulders and acts as Max's surrogate "brain". Max becomes depressed after Freak dies, locking himself in "The Down Under" for days. He is also very insecure about himself. He usually calls himself a "butthead" and is never confident.

Until Freak comes along, Max cannot read or write. Kevin "Freak" Avery is a crippled, blonde haired boy whom Max becomes best friends with. Kevin has Morquio syndrome , where the outside of his body cannot grow. He walks on crutches and wears a leg brace. He is a genius for his age and size and is cuttingly sarcastic.

He carries a dictionary with him. Kevin looks forward to his surgery which Max later finds out was a lie so he wouldn't know the truth , in which he will gain a robot's body. Unexpectedly on his 13th birthday, Kevin has a seizure. In the hospital, he dies, because as his doctor puts it, "his heart became too big for his body".

In the film, Kevin's last name was changed from Avery to Dillon. Grim is Maxwell's grandfather. He is usually pretty grim, thus explaining why Maxwell gave him the nickname, although in reality he is a pretty friendly person.

He dislikes Max's father because of what he did to Grim's daughter, Annie. In the book, Grim decides to shoot Kenneth if he sets foot in the house, after hearing about his release from jail. At first, Grim feels sorry for Kevin, but later, he appreciates Kevin's abilities and intelligence. Gram is Maxwell's grandmother. Like her husband, she also dislikes Kenneth and misses her daughter, Annie. Gram is really kind and polite, careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. She protests against shooting Kenneth once Grim announces that he will do so.

Gwen "Fair Gwen" Avery is Kevin's beautiful and kind mother. She and Maxwell's mother were friends until Kenneth Kane came along. After her son's death, Gwen moves to California and starts a relationship with a man named Rick. He is Max's selfish and sociopathic father. He was sent to prison for strangling his wife to death.

After his release from prison on parole, Kenny kidnaps Maxwell on Christmas Eve and takes him to Loretta and Iggy's apartment. Loretta Lee tries to save Max but ends up getting strangled by Kenneth, though she survives.